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The following Membership Contract is a standard contract set out by the Turkish Government and is a requirement for all internet sales.

1. Parties

a) The person who manages www.silverharmoni.com and who resides at İbrahim Serin Street, No 12/A, Kaş/Antalya. (From now on, the person will be known as the seller)

b) The person who became a member of www.silverharmoni.com (From now on, the person will be known as the member)

2.The Subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is the conditions according to which the member will use www.silverharmoni.com

3. The rights and responsibilites of the parties

3.1 The member accepts that the information which he or she gave in order to be a member of www.silverharmoni.com is correct. If the information is wrong and if an expense occured because of incorrect information, the member will pay for occurred expenses immediately.

3.2 The member cannot disclose their password to others. Only the member can use the respective password. If the member discloses the password to others, all the onus is on the member. The seller reserves the right of demand and compensation rights.

3.3 The member accepts that he or she will use the website www.silverharmoni.com in accordance with laws. In the case of illegal conduct, the member will be responsible for his or her actions.

3.4 The member cannot use the website www.silverharmoni.com to damage the public order, for immoral actions, or for illegal targets. The member should respect the copyrights. In addition to that, the member cannot prevent others using the website by using spyware, trojan horse etc.

3.5 The thoughts, comments made by the members on the website www.silverharmoni.com are completely their own thoughts and comments. There is not any relation between these thoughts and comments and the seller. The seller does not accept responsiblity for any problems arising from those comments.

3.6 If there is a problem, damage occurred by the usage of www.silverharmoni.com, the member already accepts that he or she cannot demand any compensation.

3.7 The member accepts that he won’t obtain other’s data and software without permission. Otherwise, if there is a judiciary action, the member is responsible.

3.8 If the member violates one or more of the above mentioned articles, the seller won’t be responsible. If the member violates one or more of the above mentioned articles, the seller reserves the right of demanding compensation against the member.

3.9 The seller always has the right of deleting the member’s account. The seller always has the right of deleting the member’s files, documents and the information. The member accepts that. In that case, the seller won’t be held responsible.

3.10 The seller owns the design and software of the website www.silverharmoni.com. The design, software or any other things including intellectual property owned by the seller are protected by the laws.

3.11 The seller can collect some information like IP address, the Access date and hour, the way of connecting to the website and in the time of accessing the website the other websites that the member is using. This information is used for improving the website and accords with the laws.

3.12 If the member’s information is needed for judiciary actions or to protect the property of www.silverharmoni.com the seller will share the information if required by law .

3.13 The seller has taken measures in order to prevent any virus or similar softwares. Yet the customer is responsible for having taken measures about his or her computer. If there is problem caused from the member, the member will accept responsiblity.

3.14 The seller has the right of changing or terminating the content or any service whenever he or she desires.

3.15 The seller can change the contract of membership whenever he or she desires without any remark. The members will be subject to the changed content from the publication date and time.

3.16 The parties accept that the records made by the seller will be the only evidence and those evidences will be accepted according to code of civil procedure.

3.17 The seller according to this contract has the right of sending e-mail to the member’s e-mail and sending messages to the phone numbers. The member accepts that the seller can send e-mails and communicate by telephone in regard to the members account at silverharmoni.om.

4. Cancellation of this contract

This contract will be valid until the seller cancels the contract. If the member violates any article or articles of the contract, the seller has the right of cancelling the contract.

5. The situation of conflict

If a dispute or conflict arises, the İstanbul courts and Office of executions will be judiciary authority.

6. Validness

When the member makes a registration, it means that the member read all the articles and all the contract and the member accepts the contract. This contract is valid whilever the member remains registered, and mutually valid.